インデックス Outline  

Japan Decorative Painting Association(JDPA)

JDPA Headquarters: 2-2-13 Nihonbashi, Bakurocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Japan
Tel: 03-5649-2321 Fax: 03-5649-2325
【Date of Establishment】
June 1989
【Details of Establishment】
Several instructors got together with five companies that dealt with Decorative painting related goods and under the initiative of these companies, founded the Association.
【Purpose of association】
The purpose of the Association is to promote decorative painting and friendship among members as well as to improve members' artistic skills.
  • Yearly convention
  • Nationwide seminar tour every fall inviting an international artist
  • Certification Program
  • Exhibition of artworks and open seminars held by chapters for their members.
  • JDPA Magazine published thrice yearly
  • Volunteer activities
  • Field tour study
【JDPA's achievements in chronological order】
May 1990 Publication of the first issue of the JDPA Magazine
1990 First nation-wide seminar by an international artist
1991 First convention was held in Tokyo. Since then, conventions are held in turns by Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka chapters.
1991 Establishment of Chubu, Kanto and Kansai chapters
1994 Opening of Kyushu, Chugoku-Shikoku district offices
1996 Opening of Hokuriku district office
1997 Establishment of Hokkaido chapter
1997 Certification Program started its operations
2000 Opening of Shizuoka district office
2003 Opening of Nagano district office
2005 Opening of Shikoku district office
【Association members in 2010】
Individual members : 2008
Teacher members : 901
Business members : 27
Friendship member : 1
  • The Association is managed through annual membership fee of its members.
  • The administration headquarters is located in Tokyo and the association is operated by board members who are elected at the general assembly.
  • Board meeting and chapter meetings are held once a month at the headquarters and chapters and the activities are conducted by volunteer members.